Problem Leaky Roofs:
In 2005 I began developing Renov-8 after discovering a new way of repairing roofs. Many roofs in this country, and of course throughout the world, suffer from porosity when they have aged. A seventy year old fibre-cement roof will have become porous, whether it is made of slate-like tiles or corrugated sheet. After testing the idea on a friend's roof, I used my expertise to develop Renov-8 and obtained a patent to cover its use in the marketplace.

An Economical Solution:
My friend was delighted because I had repaired his leaky roof for a fraction of the cost of a new one! The actual tiles were the last thing he suspected of causing damp in the plaster of the walls, which was falling off despite everything he had done to prevent it. If your roof tiles are damp on the inside it is likely that the rain is just soaking through them! This happens as the roof tiles age, and it particularly affects houses made after the First World War (1920 onwards).

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Immediate Results:
The photographs here show the results one and two months after treatment with Renov-8. The treatment was carried out in November so the drying out process was happening in the middle of winter. Despite this, the increasing appearance of dried salts proves that the moisture that previously was permeating the tiles is being resisted, and is still working over 10 years later.

Stonework Too:
The process is also useful in treating old stone work where the stone has been attacked by acid rain and pollution. This can be seen on most lovely old buildings. So far the only solution is the very expensive replacement of the stone itself. The treatment costs just a fraction of this, and can be done really quickly. I find it incredible that it is not used to preserve our crumbling Victorian stone buildings.

If you have any of these problems I can tell you the method and suggest suitable proprietary products so that you can do it yourself.

The product never got into production so I would like others to benefit from my research, and am happy to offer FREE INSTRUCTIONS below.