Inventions are generally solutions to an existing problem. I applied for my first patent for one of my ideas 35 years ago, and I continue to have good ideas

In 1982 I had an idea to speed up the process of removing and attaching tops to containers. This happened while removing the cap from a toothpaste tube; it was late at night and the cap went round and round, taking ages to come off. It showed me that we needlessly spend days or weeks of our lives opening containers. So I set about patenting my first invention. It was designed to make it easier for people, particularly the elderly and disabled, to open bottles. The invention was rejected by all the major manufacturers, proving that it came before its time. After 11 years I let the patent lapse because I could not afford the renewal fee. Soon I noticed copies of my design on the market and since then bottle tops generally function the same way. Many of them are now designed to remove in one hand movement to a specified torque, just like my "Ticloc."

In the subsequent years I have obtained numerous patents, and can prepare one for you.

Existing patents that I have drafted include:

- GB2155985B - Ticloc Bayonet fastening
- GB2280895B - Closure devices with compressible core seal
- GB2295167B - Toilet seat lifting device
- GB2349010 (B) - Variable capo tasto
- GB2407467 (B) - Toastabags Container for heating food in radiant heat device
- US7824720 (B2) - Food container
- GB2366305B - Earthen sound absorbing decorative external wall
- WO2011GB00268 20110228 - Microwave steamer bags
- WO2007GB01826 20070515 - Rotaire Dryline washing line cover
- GB2435052 (B) - Renov-8 Roof Treatment
- GB2449697 (B) - Barrow Bag
- GB2484235B - Quickachips Oven Basket
- GB2460435 (B) - Oven Shelf Guard
- GB2455083 (B) - Iron Guard

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If you have solved a problem why not try me to see if I can help you get your solution to market? I have obtained many other patents and trade marks in the UK, and also in the EU and USA. I can do the same for your idea.

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