1% Studio has been the home of art and invention for 30 years, based in the Malvern Hills which have been the inspiration for the innovations, art and designs of Malcolm Victory.

I have worked in most media including oil, acrylic, watercolour, pen-and-ink and ceramic but possibly my best work is in portraiture using just pencil. I love the simplicity of the medium and the complex moods that can be evoked in black, grey and white. In addition, it takes so long to create the finished work that it increases the meditative quality of the creation. Oil paints likewise are time consuming, but impose a stricter process due to the amount of drying time required before applying the next layer, all dependent on the effect you want to create. Watercolours are much more immediate, and in terms of process they work in reverse of oils, requiring very strict attention to the flow of the material.

Many of the original works are for sale, and prints of most can be obtained. Just use the contact form on the website and I will get in touch with you. I am also open to commissions: working from photographs I have depicted children and animals!

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